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CE marking in the year 2018 and how Wolters Engineering Deventer helps you with this!

The CE marking is one of the most important markers within the EEA, also known as the European Economic Area. Almost every product sold within the EEA must bear the CE mark. This marking indicates that the product meets the centrally established guidelines.

If you are planning to bring a product to the market, you are therefore obliged to comply with these guidelines. This not only meets the regulations, but you can also communicate to your customers that you are actively contributing to a better environment.

Wolters Engineering in Deventer can help you with this by conducting a risk inventory and evaluation for the CE marking. The process of obtaining a CE marking can become very complex. However, Wolters Engineering is able to make this considerably easier.

Short review: what is a CE mark?

You may have been familiar with the CE marking for some time as it is a recurrent subject in most industries. Nevertheless, it helps to briefly discuss the background and interpretation of this marking again.

Within the European Union, the CE marking applies to every product that is traded. Although the marking of origin applied to seven product groups, this has now grown to no less than twenty pieces.

From construction products and cosmetics to elevators and packaging: the CE marking can be found everywhere in 2018 and that is what we see in Deventer as an engineering expert.

Contrary to what many expect from this marking, it does not concern an official quality mark. For this reason, you may have the third party carry out the inventory and evaluation for the CE marking yourself.

For the end user, the CE marking has the advantage that it reflects the quality of the product. It meets the latest requirements in the field of environment, safety and public health. The CE marking also makes it possible for the private and business market to compare products more easily and quickly.

The CE marking is legally required within Europe (EEA)

If you intend to sell your product within the European Economic Area, you are legally obliged to comply with the requirements set by the EEA. Because you are probably already dealing with a large number of issues concerning the production of your product, Wolters Engineering from Deventer can help you with this.

As you can read on the website of the national government, the requirements per product group vary considerably. The process of obtaining a CE marking can therefore be experienced as a maze.

Our years of experience in this area ensures that you go through this process more easily. We like Wolters Engineering (Deventer) to take care of the risk assessment and evaluation for the CE marking of your product. We do this with the highest precision with which we can prepare your product for obtaining a CE mark.

Would you like to know more about what we can do for you in the field of CE markings? Or would you prefer to meet us at the Wolters Engineering office in Deventer?

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Spider in the web

‘We also function regularly as a spider in the web, bringing together specialists from different disciplines to develop a product, machine or device. This also happened for HandyLegs, for example, where we presented the producing companies. It is nice that this has become such a successful product. ‘

A total package can be offered for every customer. ‘To take care of CE marking and writing handbooks.’

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