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Meet Wolters Engineering

Wolters Engineering

Technology is in motion, every day. This dynamic process calls for continuous improvement. As an independent engineering office, Wolters Engineering knows how to transfer your conceptual idea or technical problem to a practical, but above all, useful solution.

Durable customer solutions through service!

Practical and efficient constructions with appropriate tailor-made solutions addressing your challenging issues. That is what you can expect from us, thanks to our team of technical specialists who engineer and realize constructive solutions with a open mind.

Large-scale problems require extensive engineering for which we offer attractive service models.

“Achieving durable, economical, but most importantly, useful solutions for our clients. That is our true passion.” says:

Henry van den Hof, director-owner from Wolters Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Together with you, we investigate,locate and define the problem in detail so that Wolters Engineering can design, develop and realize your tailor-made solution.

Discipline examples:

  • Concept, basic and detail engineering.
  • Product design and analysis.
  • Static and dynamic calculations.
  • Calculations using FEA (Finite Element Analysis).
  • RI&E for machines for CE-mark assessments.
  • Writing engineering specifications and manuals.
  • Key partners complete our all-round A to Z service models.
  • Project
  • Realization and placing into service of products or installations.
  • Engineering software: SOLIDWORKS, INVENTOR, HICAD, AUTOCAD.

Design and product development

In the field of design and product development, we have a proven track record. With our knowledge of materials and production techniques, we design a solution fitting your needs. A product that has been optimally tuned to your requirements on durability, ergonomics, design and cost price. The result is a user-friendly product with a professional design suitable for the chosen production process.

We feel it is significant to involve you in every step of the development because your product requirements are leading. Our design team ensures adequate design steps to translate these requirements into an effective and durable result.

Analysis and advice

With anything we engineer, “analysing” is the key. That is why, through the whole proces of realisation we continuously analyze our designs in the field of strength, functionality, and style.

That is exactly what we can do for your designs. Our analysis comprises a combination of disciplines. The applied material in the design will be tested to ensure that the shape and strength correspond with the required functionality of the product.

Consider our analysis the best advice for your ‘pains’ and the basis for a well designed durable product.


One of the strong advantages with which we are proud to distinct ourselves in the market is our close relationship of many years with a number of key partners. This broadening of expertise and opportunities makes that we can offer full services and eliminate pains in your production and organization.

Our services include:

  • Lean manufacturing
  • Electrical engineering / electronics
  • Software control systems
  • Hydraulics / pneumatics
  • Constructions: bending, setting, welding, laser cutting, water jet cutting and assembling!
  • Machining metals and plastics (also fine mechanical and single pieces of small numbers)
  • Knowledge and advice in the field of technical plastics (thermo forming, injection moulding, rotational moulding of plastics, rubber and polyurethanes)
  • Project management

A phasing approach

Accuracy and manageability are keywords in our service. That is why, at Wolters Engineering, we handle your development projects with a phased approach.

This phased approach structures the progress of the project and manages technical, financial and time-phased risks. We can provide an offer for each phase separately, so you have an option to proceed your project either with or without us.

Depending on the clarity and complexity of your request, above mentioned approach will be worked out and executed according to your needs. At various tangible decisional stages, we will consult you during or after each phase. This way, we both stay in control of the development and realization of your design.

CE Marking

CE Marking

CE marking in the year 2018 and how Wolters Engineering Deventer helps you with this! The CE marking is one of the most important markers within the EEA, also known as the European Economic Area. Almost every product sold within the EEA must bear the CE mark. This...

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HandyLegs – support for stockings

HandyLegs – support for stockings

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Wolters Engineering
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My name is Henry van den Hof, and together with my colleagues at my company Wolters Engineering and other specialists from my network, I help the industry to solve mechanical engineering issues.

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