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Mechanical Engineering

Together with you, we investigate and define the problem at hand in detail, after which Wolters Engineering can design, develop and realize your tailor-made solution. Our solutions are seldom standard.
We strive to contribute every step of the way and provide maximum opportunities. Based on mutual trust, we offer our broad knowledge in various markets and sectors. We design the sometimes multidisciplinary and complex projects in a phased and competent manner, keeping your concern as our focal point.

Discipline examples

Concept, basic and detail engineering

After approval of the concept, the development phase begins. This might be a basic 3D design or a fully specified result per part in 2D. We provide detailed visuals including parts lists, ready for production. Also, we present preliminary designs of composition and engineering drawings. Mostly, we work with the latest version of Solid Works, but our staff is familiar with Inventor, Hicad, and Autocad as well.

Production automation and optimization

Based on your specifications, we offer our consultancy for optimization or further automation of your production process. Thanks to our extensive experience in various branches, we can bring forward excellent solutions or develop machines specially suitable for your process. Soon, we can even provide the opportunity to build machines, production tools or prototypes for experimenting in our new testing facility.

Product design and analysis

You have an excellent idea and would like to evolve this into a well thought-out and reliable product. We help you with the development of your idea creating a successful and marketable product. We analyze all relevant aspects such as choice of materials, production methodology, application, and usability.

Static and dynamic calculations

We use the latest calculation and analysis software and work according to the latest standards and guidelines in the field of machine construction. Goals of the calculations and analyzes that we can perform for you are:


  • creating safe constructions (personal safety)
  • risk control, operator , user safety
  • prevention of unexpected failure (technical security)
  • optimizing applied materials / parts (durability)

Many years of experience in calculations and analyses

We are experienced in calculating and analyzing the following issues:
  • Transport skids, composed of multiple components or as a welded unit. Calculation of incorporated equipment or piping is also an option.
  • Hoisting devices, among which cranes, beams, portal and overhead traveling cranes. Calculation of special load-bearing and travel constructions in production environments.
  • Product mould bearers, for among others, rotational moulding and vacuum molds.
  • Steel constructions, such as stairs, platforms, and traverses. Also, annexed mechanical engineered constructions.
  • Frames and bearing constructions, among which designing and calculating portable and collapsible satellite dish installations and for fixed positions.
  • Machine components, strength and fatigue calculations. Application to a wide variety of materials.
  • Construction of trailers, regular series (module) construction, single specials, for instance, testing and measuring, also composed multifunctional trailers. We are widely experienced in material application and offer a choice of purchase parts.
  • Bicycle carriers: fixed, tilted, and collapsible.
Highly valued and indicated as meaningful by our customers, is the addition of the required certification of your product. Mainly, for products related to the transport sector (or for each product using public roads), it is important to obtain the mandatory RDW (Dutch vehicle authority mobility chain) approval.

We are familiar with the procedure and remain in close contact with RDW in Zoetermeer and Lelystad. Besides, we can represent you at other inspection authorities (Notified Body’s) such as TÜV (Germany), Lloyds Register (UK) and TNO (the Netherlands) who can inspect and certify your product. This will save you time and money, otherwise well spent on marketing your product.

Calculations using FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
We translate multidisciplinary technical issues to clear and feasible solutions. We use proven methodologies en calculate constructions. We provide high-quality calculations of strength using FEM (Finite Element Method) or otherwise named FEA. Applying the same effective methodology, we test constructions at an early stage.

RI&E for machines
RI&E stands for (Risk Inventory and Evaluation) which needs to be recorded in writing. Also, the RI&E needs to include an action plan consisting of the measures to be taken by an employer to limit and prevent the described risks. We consider the RI&E and action plan the starting point from which we can offer our services.

CE-mark for machines
Product liability is a major subject which companies need to consider. On the one hand due to growing regulations and on the other due to increasing risks of liability in the case of damage or injuries. A well executed CE-mark procedure or certification process will have a hand to limit the product liability in the event of accidents as much as possible.

Europe has drawn up guidelines for specific products. With a CE-mark, you show that your product meets these guidelines. You have to issue the CE-mark and corresponding documents yourself, which demonstrates you take responsibility for product liability. We provide advise and, if desired, our service in this trajectory.

To find out whether a CE-mark is required for your product, we provide a CE product scan. You can download the scan here. This scan consists of 25 questions. Answering most questions with ‘yes’ increases the likelihood your products will be categorized under the CE guidelines.

To ensure the accuracy of the executed scan, you are obliged to check whether the guidelines are in fact applicable to your product. If this is the case, you are also obliged to check and execute the requirements according to the CE regulations.

This trajectory can take up to a few minutes, but in some complex cases, the research may last a day. We gladly assist you assessing and interpreting the guidelines as mentioned above.

All our staff acquired the SCC basic certificate (safety certification). With subcontractors, the SCC certificate is the standard for working safety. SCC stands for SH&E (Safety, Health & Environment) Checklist Contractors and is managed by SSVV (Foundation Cooperation for Safety). To execute projects on location, many clients demand an SCC certificate.

Writing mechanical engineering specifications
For mechanical engineering installations, among others for the feed industry, we write the required specifications. Writing the specifications starts with an extensive evaluation of the upcoming project. Next, we will include your wishes and remarks in a Statement of Requirements. Finally, the team will compose a plan defining all aspects of the (sub)contracting activities, explaining which responsibilities lie with the contractor and which lie with the client.

Manuals and translations
Legally, it is mandatory to provide a manual with a product. This should be written in the language of the user and offer a clear and complete statement of the use and application of the product.

With a CE-mark, a sound manual is compulsory. We can take care of this for you. Also, with the import of certain products, we can provide a translation in the user’s language.


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